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Slabjacking - Uneven Concrete


Slabjacking is an alternative to replacing sunken or uneven concrete, restoring sunken concrete slabs to their original grade.  The name, slabjacking, (also referred to as mudjacking or pressure grouting) is the process of jacking or raising up a slab of cement and restoring it to its original level.  This process can involve lifting one solid piece such as cement steps, or readjusting several pads.  Mudjacking or slabjacking has been in common use for about 50 years.

Selecting the proper pump and proportioning grout are critical to success, a lesson learned in the 50-year history of slabjacking.  We have a wide variety of equipment available to our customers to better solve their concrete placing problems.

Slabjack Concrete


Why do slabs fail?  The primary culprit is water, usually not enough, or an unequal distribution.  The most common reason concrete settles is due to water causing the soil underneath to compact under the weight of the concrete and its many uses.  Concentrated loads, such as buildings or slabs can literally squeeze air and water from soils.  Sinking foundations, slab cracks, and foundation failures are very common.

Slab Jacking is a great alternative to removing and replacing concrete that has become a hazard, holding water or causing water to drain back toward buildings.  A cracked and damaged slab can be quickly repaired and then covered with an overlay; even low spots can be filled and leveled.  The overlay is extremely durable and impervious to oils and solvents once properly sealed.  Since slabs are not being removed, there is little mess, no inconvenience or color change.  The area can be used immediately after the slabs are raised.

Slabjacking is a cost-effective alternative to removing and replacing problem concrete.  The alternative requires demolition of the existing slab, pouring new cement and drying time.  Our method allows you to walk on the surface almost immediately after work is completed.  With those kinds of benefits, it’s easy to see why slabjacking has become the concrete repair method of choice when it comes to raising concrete that has settled and sunk into the ground.

Mudjacking Foundation


In slabjacking, your contractor will pump a cement grout underneath the failing concrete slab or foundation in order to raise it up to its original level and provide it with a better sub-surface to set on.  The grout is typically comprised of water, Portland cement, or lime and sand.  Additives may be used to prevent shrinkage in some rare cases.  The “slurry” displaces air pockets, water and water saturated materials, raises the slab and leaves a firm, permanent sub grade.  This completely fills any voids, and usually raises the concrete to its original height.  After the lifting is complete, we clean the area of excess drill tailings and grout, patch the holes with our custom color matching system.

Concrete Raising


Marco Concrete Lifting technicians have extensive experience with the slab jacking process and monitor the work carefully while in progress.  More than contractors, our experts are service professionals who specialize in the field of concrete lifting (slab jacking) and foundation repair.  We’ll share additional information on our cost-efficient, time-saving, and ecologically-friendly concrete repair services.  Plus, we’ll be happy to schedule a free inspection and estimate.  We have an excellent reputation and stand behind our work.

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